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Faster have designed and manufactured ChemFAST fume cupboards using the latest molecular filtration technology.
This provides a safe working environment together with fume containment for protection from chemicals, vapours and aerosol in the laboratories.
ChemFAST Top series fume cupboards meet all routine requirements of laboratories.
ChemFAST Elite fume cupboards units is supplid with a microprocessor control



ChemFAST fume cupboards are used for the containment and removal of toxic vapours and aerosol, providing operator safety in a wide range of disciplines.
Applications for ChemFAST fume cupboards may be found in many laboratories, including those in clinical diagnostic testing, biological and medical research, analytical chemistry, Q. C., biotechnology, pharmaceutical industries, food, fine chemical, petrochemical, cosmetic, photographic laboratories and the electronics industries.

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Special Weighing: Secure weighing for balances up to 1 mg

- ChemFAST fume cupboards with recirculation or external connection guarantee perfect protection of the operator and the environment.
- The filtration system is designed to maintain an average speed  velocity of 0.50 m / s, thus protecting the user of any weighing solutions.
- CHEMFREE fume cupboards is equipped with a marble weighing embedded in the holding tank and is suitable for weighing of all liquid solutions.


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